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Our new E-vaccine could
unlock the power inside every
person to #endHIV.


Our team, led by Dr. Paul, has developed a vaccine candidate to induce HIV-neutralizing antibodies in animals. This game-changing approach could be used to successfully vaccinate humans against the virus and end HIV worldwide.

Our goal is to bring together the people and the funds needed to push this revolutionary E-vaccine to human trials and put an end to HIV.


Our partnerships and creative collaborations are helping raise funds and awareness about how we can #endHIV.

Todrick Hall, singer, actor, director, choreographer and YouTuber.

With award-winning artists and entertainers, we’re spreading awareness about the revolutionary potential of our E-vaccine to push it through to human trials.



Your donation will fund two vital
steps before human trials:

First, manufacturing our E-vaccine at scale; second, the final
proposal process for FDA approval of human trials.


$250 K $1.25 MM

Thanks to the generous support of private donors underwriting our campaign, 100% of your donation will go directly to supporting this HIV/AIDS cure research.

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